How to care for your skates

Your skates are your most important piece of equipment for hockey. Here's how to keep them in good shape.


  1. Note that the first rule in caring for hockey skates is: Do no harm. Never walk with the blades exposed on any surface other than ice, rubber or wood.
  2. Have your blades sharpened regularly to achieve tight cuts into the ice while skating. Any place that offers skate sharpening should also have small grindstones that are used to get burrs off the blades after they have been sharpened. If you can get a grindstone (most places will not sell them), use it every once in a while.
  3. Flick off accumulated snow and then dry the blades thoroughly every time you come off the ice. Keep an old rag or hockey sock in your bag for this purpose.
  4. Invest in skate guards. Guards cover blades with rubber or cloth to protect them while you carry them around. Some are also designed so that you can wear them and walk on concrete, with the guards protecting the blades. In a pinch, you can always protect the blades with athletic tape.


Blades can be very sharp. Be careful not to cut yourself while handling a freshly sharpened skate.
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