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On Wednesday night the young players from the Coventry Blaze Academy were handed a special treat when several members of the Elite Blaze team came on the ice to assist in a bumper training session.
The 90 minute training session saw in excess of 50 players from the academy's U9, U11 and U13B teams together with those from the learn to play programme take to the ice with some of their favourite players.
Academy Head Coach, Sean Alderson, who lead the session split the ice up into seven different stations and each station was supported by an academy coach and one of the Elite Blaze players including a dedicated N/M station ran by Renny Marr. As you might expect, a few of the players were a little star-struck and wanted to spend more time chatting to their stars than participating. After rotating through all the various stations focusing on skill development for an hour the academy players got to spend the last half an hour of the session playing small area games such as football, ringette and of course hockey. With the Elite Blaze players joining in each of the various games this proved to be great FUN for all those involved. A great evening which saw a lot of hard work and effort ended with huge smiles across the faces of all the academy players.
The Coventry Blaze Academy would like to say a big thank you to Elite Blaze players Carl Lauzon, Renny Marr, Kevin Noble, Bret Robinson, Neil Trimm, Boris Valabik and Ross Venus who helped to make it a great event as well as James Pease who helped to organise the event.

Coventry Blaze Academy at Planet Ice

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